To further our commitment to providing turn-key steel solutions to our customers, High Plains has invested in the equipment, facilities, training, and certification of our quality assurance program to provide some of the most used coatings systems to the steel that they fabricate and install.

Certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction as a “SPE-P1: Sophisticated Paint Endorsement – Enclosed” fabricator, High Plains is able to ensure our customers that they can not only rely on High Plains for a complete solution, but that the coatings will be properly installed to meet the demanding requirements of even the most difficult projects.

Media Blasting Services in Northern Colorado


Surface preparation is the key factor in coatings performance. High Plains has the equipment and facility to properly prepare all steel surfaces to the required profile to properly hold the protective coating according to the product manufacturers recommendations.

Whether the end goal of the coating is for corrosion protection, fire protection, or aesthetics; High Plains can properly prepare the surface to ensure a quality product is provided, every time.


Sophisticated paint systems such as multi-part epoxies, zinc enriched primers, and three coat systems can be applied by High Plains to streamline the process, eliminating the need for additional handling, trucking and hassle of using third party painting contractors as is customary in the industry.

Sophisticate Paints and High-Performance Coating Systems in Northern Colorado
Industrial Coatings Facility & Equpment in Northern Colorado


It is High Plains belief that having the proper equipment to do the job is a key factor in providing a Quality Product, On Time. High Plains owns the following facilities and equipment to ensure that every coating project is completed with the quality and efficiency:

  • Clemco Portable Blasting Units
  • 300 CFM Portable Compressor
  • Hi Volume and High-Pressure Airless Pumps
  • 25×50 Paint Booth
  • Heated Paint Storage
  • 3½ Acre Yard Facility
  • Forklifts, Cranes, and Material Handling Equipment