To be the trusted provider of Structural and Miscellaneous Steel & Coatings for Commercial and Industrial Contractors throughout the Rocky Mountain Region.

Colorado Steel Services Company


High Plains Steel Services, LLC is a group of seasoned steel construction professionals who have come together to create a service-oriented steel construction company with a simple goal; to provide A Quality Product, On Time.

After decades in the industry, we have come to understand that what customers want from a steel contractor is simple; a single call to a steel contractor they can trust to provide turn-key steel projects, no matter the size, complexity, or difficulty with confidence that the job will be done well and on time.

High Plains combines decades of experience, financial strength, the right facility and equipment, leading edge technology and a passion for learning and training to be the trusted provider of Structural and Miscellaneous Steel & Coatings for Commercial and Industrial Contractors throughout the Rocky Mountain Region.


High Plains Steel Services, LLC was established in March 2012 by Jon and Jason McLean. The father-son duo cumulated their 65+ years of combined construction and steel experience to establish a steel service company. They provided structural steel and miscellaneous metals erection services as well as on-site fabrication, repair, and erection of mining equipment for the aggregate industry. In 2016, Jon McLean developed cancer and announced his retirement. At that time, steel professional and brother to Jason, Kris McLean, joined High Plains as President & CEO. Under his direction, High Plains developed both a full-service structural and a miscellaneous fabrication shop, created an industrial coatings division, and purchased a fleet of company-owned cranes and equipment to enhance their steel erection abilities.

In 2017, High Plains began their NCCER Industrial Ironworker Apprenticeship Program to not only provide the best safety and craft training opportunities possible for their employees, but to ensure that High Plains has the safest and best trained steel erection staff in the industry. Additionally, steel industry expert, Brian Snider, joined High Plains as Director of Sales and Project Management in 2017 and became a partner in 2018. Today, Brian is the face of High Plains, ensuring that High Plains lives up to their core values and takes care of their customers.

In 2019, Kris, Jason, and Brian formed the entity High Plains Investment Properties, LLC that purchased a 15,000 square foot/3.5-acre industrial property in Windsor, Colorado, where High Plains Steel Services, LLC operates today.

In 2020, High Plains achieved several major milestones. They gained certification of their Quality Management System by the American Institute of Steel Construction, becoming a Certified Building Fabricator with a SPE-P1 Sophisticated Paint Endorsement as well as a Certified Steel Erector (Advanced) with a MEE Metal Deck Erection Endorsement. They also received Certification of Registration of their Ironworker Apprenticeship program with the United States Department of Labor.

In 2021-2023, High Plains added several pieces of equipment to streamline productivity. These included:

  • A semi and over a dozen semi-trailers to make their own steel deliveries and stage projects well before their contractual delivery date.
  • A CNC Plasma Tube and Pipe Processor and a CNC Stair and Railing Layout Table for complete rail fabrication.
  • Tekla PowerFab and PowerFabGo software for a completely paperless estimating, materials management, production, and quality control management system and Trimble Connect to empower all office, fabrication, and erection personnel the ability to utilize 3D models during the detailing, fabrication, and erection of all our products.
  • A Trimble Robotic Total Station to survey and layout erection work and field measure remodel projects and site railings.

Additionally in 2022, High Plains’ Operations Manager of the Erection Division, Mike Hurst, became a part owner after joining the company in 2017. Today, Mike continues to ensure that High Plains’ erection crews are efficient, safe, and on schedule.

Today, High Plains Steel Services, LLC leverages their strong and experienced team with leading edge technology and company owned facilities and equipment to provide turn-key steel construction solutions. Capable of providing a quality product safely, High Plains’ commitment to their customers is simple: A Quality Product, On Time.


The core values of High Plains are the values in which we feel create the very foundation of all our business decisions and interactions; be it with an employee, a vendor, or a customer.

We have developed this list to ensure our values are clearly communicated to all, providing repeatable results through clear communication.


  • Do not let our customers down

  • Do not let excuses define us

  • Say what we do and do what we say

  • Be pleasant and respectful to everyone

  • Be helpful and educate everyone

  • A process oriented company

  • Take care of those who take care of us